Past Episodes

Where can I see previous episodes
of The Best Defense?

Despite the immense popularity of The Best Defense, Outdoor Channel has not made previous seasons of the show available on DVD or online. The only exceptions to this were seasons 1 and 2 of The Best Defense, which were converted to DVD and are available through Amazon (Season 1) and Stay Safe Media (Season 2, while they last). Here are the covers of the DVD sets that were made available. Click on them to go to ordering information for that title.

Best Defense Season 1 DVD CoverBest Defense Season 2 DVD_Cover








Outdoor Channel also offered DVD sets for seasons 1 and 2 of The Best Defense: Survival!–a spin-off of the self-defense show that addressed Only season 1 is still available through Amazon.

Best Defense Survival Season 1 Cover







The absolute best collection of Best Defense video excerpts available on the internet is at DownrangeTV–the official web site supporting all of Michael Bane’s shows. This site also contains lots of other great information related to firearms, shooting, and all aspects of self-defense. It should definitely be in your favorites list. Downrange also shares a lot of Best Defense information on its Facebook page.

Outdoor Channel does make some excerpts of previous episodes available on The Best Defense page of their web site.

Frustrated fans who want to share and enjoy other episodes of the show have taken matters into their own hands and uploaded episodes and episode excerpts onto YouTube without permission from Outdoor Channel. The unauthorized reproduction and use of copyrighted material is unlawful and, as an author, I don’t condone it. However, after literally hundreds of requests from viewers of the show for information related to pas episodes, I feel it’s my duty to let you know what’s available. Here are additional links to those videos:

Safe at Home (Season 1)

Safe at Home 2 (Season 1)