The Best Defense Book

By Michael D. Janich, co-host of The Best Defense television series on Outdoor Channel

Today’s world is more dangerous than ever before. In addition to “conventional” crimes like robbery, assault, rape, kidnapping, and murder, you must now cope with threats of home invasion, sexual predators, active shooters, and even acts of terrorism. With 911 response times averaging 10 minutes or more, you are left with one clear and inescapable truth: when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, you are on your own.

The Best Defense teaches you how to meet that daunting challenge by taking a hard look at the realities of modern crime and providing detailed instruction in skills, tactics, and habits you need to keep yourself safe. In it, Michael Janich, world-renowned self-defense authority and co-host of the popular The Best Defense television series, takes you step by step through his proven home and personal-protection methods. In the process, he provides specific tips on hardening your home security, developing a family defense plan, practical unarmed self-defense skills, improvised weapons, pepper sprays, edged weapons, firearms tactics, and self-defense for the physically challenged. More importantly, he teaches you how to recognize and avoid violent crime before it happens.

Being on your own can be terrifying. The Best Defense teaches you how to take control of that fear and turn it into positive, tangible actions that will keep you safer.



“Every so often in life, if we’re very lucky, we become involved in a project that becomes so much more than we ever could imagine. The Best Defense has been such a project. TBD has had a profound effect of people’s lives, and, I believe, been a change for the better in the self-defense community. None of this would have been possible without Michael Janich. From the very first day of TBD, Michael’s insight, vision and flawless expertise have shaped the show and are reflected in the content of this book. I think of Michael as the heart of TBD and I have been privileged to work with him.”

— Michael Bane, Executive Producer and host of The Best Defense, The Best Defense: Survival, Shooting Gallery, Gun Stories, and Rapid Fire; noted author and journalist.

“Mike Janich’s The Best Defense demonstrates exhaustive research and reflection on the subject. The perfect companion to his appearances on The Best Defense TV series, Mike’s book is an excellent reference for anyone interested in enhancing their personal safety and security.”

— Kelly McCann, Founder and owner of Crucible Security Specialists, the foremost provider of high-risk environment training and security services to the U.S. Government and armed forces; best-selling author; frequent expert commentator on U.S. Cable News Channels such as Fox and CNN.

“Mike is a master communicator and a gifted instructor. The Best Defense stands out as a source of material that I know has impacted people, made them safer, and motivated them to think more deeply about their defense and that of their families.”

— Rob Pincus, Founder and Lead Instructor, I.C.E. Training; professional trainer, author, and consultant; co-host of The Best Defense, The Best Defense: Survival, and many other television shows.

“The biggest thing you will get from Mike is a body of knowledge relayed in a clear manner that will make you think. He is the most knowledgeable individual I have ever met when it comes to the dynamics of personal self-defense.”

— Mike Seeklander, Founder and Lead Instructor, Shooting-Performance; former U.S. Air Marshal and Lead Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal firearms division; co-host of The Best Defense and Rapid Fire television shows