MyForce ScenarioStaying safe in today’s world means having a firm grasp of reality–both the harsh reality of the threats you are likely to face and the disturbing reality that help is much farther away than you think. In the “Known Stalker” episode of season 7 of The Best Defense, we illustrate this reality in a graphic and compelling way, in the process identifying the severe limitations of the traditional “just-call-911” approach.

In simple terms, when you call 911, the operator doesn’t know who you are, where you are, or what’s happening to you until you explain it. And trying to explain all that while you are under duress and trying to run, fight back, or access a weapon just won’t work.

If your safety is threatened, what you really need is a 911 “advocate”–someone who can monitor your situation as it develops, determine exactly where you are, and call for help when necessary, all while leaving you hands-free to protect yourself. Sound impossible? Well, it’s not. It’s MyForce–a revolutionary personal security service that combines state-of-the-art Smart Phone technology, highly trained professional operators, and your detailed personal profile into a powerful “guardian angel” that will get you the help you need, when you need it.

If you’ve seen the “Known Stalker” episode of The Best Defense, you’ve seen the game-changing advantages of MyForce in action. By visiting The Best Defense Plus, you now also have the opportunity to make MyForce part of your personal and family protection plan at a 20% discount off the usual price. Just click here to take advantage of this exclusive offer. You can also learn more about the limitations of the traditional 911 system and how MyForce technology overcomes them by reading the “911 Fatal Flaws” page of this web site.

Don’t fool yourself or your loved ones. Know what you’re up against and do everything you can to stack the odds in your favor with MyForce.

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10 thoughts on “WHY 911 ISN’T ENOUGH”

  1. My training goes back to Quantico Virginia, as a rifle- pistol coach. Before that I was in Vietman servicing with a Marine CAP Unit 247, 245. As a police officer I was the training officer for over 20 years. That included firearms, use of force, PR24, OC spray & as a entry team member. I now qualify retired police officer for their conceal carry permits. In my classes as a police officer I used “In the Line of Duty” training films. I wish I had the Best Defense back then. I advise the retired officers I qualify to watch your program as a training tool. Mike and yourself are the best instructors on TV. The legal advise critiquing the episode is right on. Keep up the good work. CS

    1. Dear Charles:

      Thank you for your kind words and your service to our country! Praise from someone with your service and experience means a lot to us and makes us proud that we’re “hitting the mark” with our teaching through “The Best Defense.” Thank you for watching and for encouraging others to do the same. We truly appreciate your support!

      Stay safe,


  2. During the last segment I watched of BD, a stun gun was demonstrated and appears to be exactly what my wife is looking for. Could you please direct me to the vendor? Thanks.


  3. Dear Rudy:

    The device we showed was the Taser C2. If you search on the Internet for that term, you’ll find plenty of sellers who can meet your needs.

    Thank you for watching!

    Stay safe,


  4. First off, let me say how much I enjoy and learn from watching The Best Defense. Both my sons and my wife watch it with me, and each episode gives us something to discuss. It reinforces the idea to all of us that awareness and avoidance are best, but that sometimes you cannot do so and that you need to be ready and have a plan.

    Mike, a specific question, if I may. As a person who is epileptic, I am not comfortable carrying a firearm. Unfortunately, a TASER/stun gun is strictly banned in the State of New York, as I understand the law. Can you give a recommendation as far as carrying something like pepper spray is concerned? I currently carry a tactical knife as part of my IFAK, but I would like something else for myself and/or my wife as well.

    Thank you for what you do and please keep up the great work!

    1. Dear Jeremy:

      Pepper spray is a good option in that it gives you the advantage of distance; however, it is not a cure-all and requires that you be aware of the limitations of your environment. In high winds o confined quarters, it can affect you almost as much as your attacker. Stream-style sprays, foams, and gels that “buck” the wind better and have longer range can help overcome this, but require more accuracy than fog sprays. Like anything else, evaluate your personal needs and your typical environment and choose accordingly.

      Stay safe,


  5. My Force is not exactly a 911 substitute. Let’s remember 911 or my force are not a best defense. They are means to summons assistance. There are some good benefits to the app including constancy regardless of where you are located, even out of state . But 911 calls are a priority to be answered and summoning assistance…. You fail to mention there is no way for the my force operator to call a 911 line they likely contact a Public Safety Answering Point via a ten digit number and lower level of priority in a PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) this induces a delay. The recording feature, 911 lines are recorded an can be used as evidence as well, you make it sound like 911 is not recorded. 911 wireless calls do provide phase 2 information, latitude and longitude. Being indoors or in a high rise building creates challenges to any GPS locating of a caller, my force is no exception.

    Slamming 911 is not a good marketing plan. If the app can be used while you dial 911 I think it is a plus but not a substitute. There several comparable apps out there. This app is certainly an a option just like my house alarm, but not a best defense. I do have a suggestion, do some testing with NENA the National Emergency Number Association in some real type locations comparing this apps to 911. Now that would be interesting white paper to read. Remember Next Generation 911 is coming but it will take time, hopefully it will catch up with technology, that will be amazing.

    Over all your shows is great and a valuable resource, even this episode had great info on the C2 Taser. But you kind of crossed the line on Safety and 911 with the my force over directly calling 911.

    1. Dear Richard:

      Thank you for your comments. My goal was not to “slam 911 as a marketing plan,” but to educate people concerning the limitations of the current 911 system. Yes, 911 is getting better and is slowly catching up with smartphone technology. However, that is still very much a work in progress and anyone who wants to rely on 911 for help needs to understand that its location technology is limited. If you want help to actually get to you, it’s up to you to describe exactly where you are and do that under stress and possibly while trying to actively defend yourself. MyForce and similar applications serve as “advocates” that actively use the GPS function of your phone to locate you and allow you to remain hands free. Those are their advantages and that’s why they are worth considering.

      Stay safe,


  6. The My Force app is not loading and is showing errors when attempting to sign up. I’d like to sign up but am concerned that these errors could seriously affect the reliability of the product.

    1. Dear Jessica:

      I’m sorry you are having difficulty in signing up for MyForce. I do not have direct access to their subscription technology, so you’ll need to contact their support staff directly. I’ve also e-mailed the CEO and asked him to look into it.

      Stay safe,


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