The Best Defense Plus:
The Rest of What You Need to Know to Stay Safe


The Best Defense Plus is a comprehensive online resource created by Michael Janich, co-host of the hit TV show The Best Defense on Outdoor Channel. Now in the production of its seventh season, this groundbreaking show continues to set the standard in providing practical, how-to information that will keep you and your family safe in these dangerous times. As good as it is, The Best Defense is still limited to only 13 episodes that air during only half the year. Full episodes from previous seasons are not available online or on DVD and the excerpts that are available are scattered across the internet. The Best Defense Plus fixes that disconnect by providing a one-stop informational source that goes beyond the TV show. It consolidates all the online information that is available into a single reference. It also presents additional material that goes far beyond that shared in the broadcast episodes to ensure that you have all the information you  need to keep yourself and your family safe. If you’re serious about personal and home defense, I’m confident you’ll be visiting here often.

Stay safe,

Michael Janich
Co-host, The Best Defense on Outdoor Channel